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Hi there. My name is Suzana Dujmic and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Counselling from City University of Seattle (Vancouver campus). I am a billingual (Serbo-Croatian) and bicultural counsellor with over 14 years of experience working with children, adolescents/youth and their families in a variety of settings (education, collaborative practice-social work, family service work, clinical counselling). Children and the families I work with face diversity of all kinds on daily basis. Their strength and will to live a life that makes sense to them and to take a stand against personal, environmental and social barriers is a constant inspiration to me.

My entire educational background (12 years of post-secondary education) as well as my professional and volunteer work is dedicated to helping people achieve their own goals, to make sense of their own life experiences and to assist people in rewriting their own stories.

In my career, I have trained and mentored a number of new social workers and internationally trained human service professionals. As a bilingual and a bicultural clinical counsellor with a great passion for children’s rights and social justice I use my lived experience  to empower and inspire as well as to help people reach into their inner strengths, cultural values, and beliefs in order to achieve a successful transition.

I volunteer on a variety of youth projects that are addressing violence in relationships (women), youth addictions, child abuse, and child sexual exploitation. I also presented at the Fraser Youth Transition Conference on my work with teenage girls and youth justice, violence in relationships and youth empowerment (Girls Circle). I facilitated and co-facilitated community-school based workshops whose goal was to assist newly immigrated parents with challenges of parenting under the stress of settlement.

I am committed to continuous education, as well as professional and personal growth. People often describe me as a “lifelong learner” and the youth I work with often share with others that “Suzana believed in me even when I did not believe in me”. This makes my work rewarding, and most importantly, meaningful.

My published work includes the book, Sense of Belonging in Refugees from Former Yugoslavia: A Case Study in Resilience and Attachment. This book is based on my Master’s thesis and its goal is to “witness” the pain of children and adults who survived betrayal of the civil war, consequent displacement and creation of new meanings. At the same time, I offer some concrete recommendations for professionals working with this particular population.